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Sword Princess
'Sword' of the Fenrir Knights
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20th-Oct-2008 08:39 pm - -01-
Oh... huh? What's this? This doesn't look like technology from Artica. How strange, what--

OH! That's what it does? Huh. Well I'll be. Looks like something the Elws would make, if they were still around. I probably shouldn't keep trying to figure out what things do without knowing too well what it might do, but... it's better if I know. Though, since it does this, does that mean others can hear me? I can hear what others are saying, but--

...what happens if I press this button? Can anyone hear me now? If so, can anyone tell me where I am? It's kind of problematic if I miss my rounds in the castle, and I don't need Commander Coldbird breathing down my neck.
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